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Key Digital Platforms for Start-Up Businesses

Matilda Wilson Central Coast Creative Agency Owner talks Key Platforms for Start Up Businesses, keeping us informed on our back end solutions so we can concentrate on the front end execution.

As a genuine lover of clever brand communications, design strategy and the role of empathy in such, when I made the choice to leave the world of print publication and operate as my own business, Matilda Wilson Creative, it made sense. Whether that was so calmly adopted due to naivety or due to a clear passion is another story (I’d probably argue it was both!) it has nonetheless landed me in a position where I’m lucky enough to learn from a flurry of businesses each day and in turn, create an impact for both clients, communities, and their audiences alike.

Intrinsically, one of the greatest drivers as a creative and specifically as a graphic designer, is the

breadth of learning available through the sheer quantity of creative expressions being shared every

day across the globe. The role of good design, in everything we do, is to evoke responses and solve

problems, but ultimately, it is subjective to every single person that encounters it, and with that broad

understanding, comes equally as many opportunities to learn from their unique takes on such. Having

the room in your day to acknowledge this and truly immerse yourself into the strategies behind

creative directions, is a fantastic privilege.

The role of good design, in everything we do, is to evoke responses and solve problems

With that in mind and being a core value, I’ve continually evolved processes over time to try and

ensure plentiful room for the above and of course my own creative expression. Which ultimately

means seizing opportunities to become more efficient and streamline activities that aren’t client

centric (in short; less admin, more fun). Whether you’re a creative, a business owner or an

entrepreneur, the areas I’ve mentioned below are trialled and tested, and just might help you too.

Top Tools

Platform: Dubsado

Purpose: Business Management

Why I Love It: The main point of differentiation with Dubsado is that it was made specifically with

creatives in mind and the processes it had available, properly aligned with the work flows I already

had in place. Dubsado counters the need for lengthy email threads and instead offers individual client

portals where invoicing can be integrated through XERO, service agreements uploaded and signed,

and all necessary forms compiled.

Bonus Point: To take full advantage of the platform, sync your digital calendars and accounting

software – one spot for all of your needs, how good!

Automation: Templated Responses and Forms

Purpose: Streamline Lead Generations and Client On-Boarding

Why I love It: In short, it saves so much time. Keep the areas of your emails that require

personalisation and your magic touch within your workflows and create a resource bank of responses,

packages, and processes either within your email platform, business management system or stored

locally. While this free’s up time first and foremost it also leaves less margin for error when drawing up

client contracts and streamlines your workflow as you know exactly what you need to do and when

you need to do it.

Bonus Point: If you’re a creative, your individual packages are going to vary depending on the client.

What I suggest is building these firstly in InDesign or your program of choice and then creating an

interactive PDF, with text boxes pre-loaded for editing. That way you can add specific deliverables

without creating 100 documents and have your final cost text box editable, without touching your other


Platform: Planoly

Purpose: Content Planning

Why I love It: Social media is a well-known cause of procrastination and time wastage, and I don’t

just mean the monotonous scrolling! If you find yourself umming and ahhing over content planning, I

would suggest investing in a plan with Planoly. Their grid style layout means you can drag content

throughout your unposted feed and achieve that all important balance. Plus, you can load your

Instagram stories in, set your hashtags and split your screen with a calendar.

Bonus Point: Streamline your social media even further by strategizing it, identify 4 content pillars

you would like to be known for and alternate your posts based on this. I like to use the rule of 3:

educate, showcase, resonate. Educate: tips like these! Showcase: client profiles and testimonials.

Resonate: Let my own personality come through and remain approachable.

Platform: Asana

Purpose: Team Management

Why I love it: Running your own business is one thing but project managing 20+ clients work with

team members involved, opens a lot of doors for silly mistakes and stress. Asana allows for everyone

to remain on track, felt heard and do their jobs. By segmenting projects, automatically creating tasks,

and integrating timelines, it gives you the

tools to outsource work to your team while retaining a clear

goal and understanding of where outcomes are at.

Bonus Point: Asana does a lot more than team management! While I haven’t personally used it for

marketing or sales, I do know these are available to you, so if you don’t require the creative processes

Dubsado offers, this may be your one stop shop!

Name: Matilda Wilson

Business: Matilda Wilson Creative

Role: Director, and Lead Designer, specialising in Project Management, Branding and Packaging

Studio Services: Art Direction, Branding, Visual Identity, Print Media, Marketing Material, Digital

Design, Web Design, Copy Writing, Content Creation and Brand Strategy

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