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Mel Carrero

Future Spotlight on Mel Carrero, Spell Marketing Manager, Influencer and all-round leader in the creative space.

You are both an influencer and a creative, how do you create a campaign with impact?

I always like to think about the end result first and then work my way up to it. So for influencing work, if I get a brief or a job I love to think about the final post or image or story, whatever I am creating and then work out how to get there. I usually have that vision from seeing the product that I am working with. For my full time job, the same goes - when you see a collection, there are usually flashes of what the final result will be, and in between is leading you there. Creating impact usually means an authentic tie to whatever the campaign is, something that makes people connect to you, or to it!

What is the best campaign you have seen this year from a brand or influencer? And why?

Ooh this is hard! I am obviously biased working with and working on Spell, but I really loved our Spell x Outland Denim collab roll out and the kind of event we held for it - something that was new and fresh for both brands and an interesting presentation for the influencers too.

From an influencer perspective, even though its not a product or actual campaign, I am hooked on @genevavanderziel's DIYs especially her latest tiled table project, she has such a good way of bringing people along on the journey from start to finish that gets you hooked!

What makes an influencer stand out for you on the gram these days?

I am still a sucker for an epic image. Whilst I love authenticity on the app, and 'realness' , I also use Instagram as my creative escape so I really love seeing people create mini-editorials, I find it so inspiring! I think my favourite person for this is @tezza (Tessa Barton) because she always has such mind blowing images, and I am always stopped in my scroll for @endlesslyloveclub

What has been the biggest social game changer in the last 12months do you think?

Obviously the integration of Reels to Instagram vs TikTok. Video content is now more important than ever, and learning how to be innovative on it. The landscape is changing, the way the Insta algorithm is favouring is changing, and ways to grow your account are changing constantly - its hard to keep up!

What is one thing you recommend all small businesses/brands do at the moment?

Definitely consider a video strategy when it comes to your content as Instagram is favouring this! But always sticking to what is true to your brand - not just following the crowd (even if you are taking part in a reel/tiktok trend for example, make it your own) .

If you weren’t working for Spell, where would you want to work?


This has been asked of me before and I have to sit and think for AGES on what this would be. I think it would be a different job all together. Still relative to fashion, but maybe not doing the exact role. My dream for a long time was to be a stylist on a television show, and TV and Movies has always been something I have been interested in doing... I am sure it is definitely harder work than it looks!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

There are so many its hard to pick just one, but perhaps if I had to think about 'full circle' moments it may be working on a shoot in Morocco with Brydie Mack @wolfcubwolfcub and Bambi Northwood-Blyth... the first time I saw Spell shoot with Bambi it was mind blowing - I blogged it, I was obsessed, and finding Brydie's work was just the biggest joy for me when I was starting my blogging/photography journey. To work alongside the two definitely felt like a pinch me moment and even better to call them friends!

Fast 5:

What are you watching right now?

Gossip Girl 2.0

What are you reading right now?

LOL a bit boring, but The First Six Weeks by Midwife Cath (baby book) and just finished Expecting Better

Whose content are you loving right now?

I hope its not cheesy of me to say @lisadanielle__, my dear friend. Never get sick of her content. Then as above always love Tezza.

Who is inspiring you in 2021?

Always @taramilktea on the gram. She showed her true stripes during 2020 and 2021 that her content isn't just about travel - she is a true creative and I admire her so much.

What has been your biggest learning curve in 2021?

For work it is that inspiration can come from different places - it is so easy to get fatigued by scrolling on a phone - maybe read a book, look at a magazine, watch a film, go for a walk to let inspiration come!

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