Create Your Hottest Summer Look

Our step-by-step guide from the Make-Up Goddess herself,

Elke Jean


The Summer Lunch Look is the perfect way to embrace summer! It’s fresh, fun and suits all ages. We sat down with Elke Jean and she took us through some of her all-time favourite products used to create this look.


Firstly it is important to be sun safe! I use Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defence SPF 50+ as a base for most days in summer. This is a super affordable product available at most chemists and pharmacies. It works very well with my other skin products and is a great base for foundation.

To create this look I used Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury for my foundation base. Purchase online or in store at MECCA. No wonder this has won many awards. It gives you a filtered look with buildable coverage. My skin feels glowing, smooth and looks so natural after I use it. This is a fantastic base to work with.

Moving onto concealers. One of my all-time favourite products for many years has been the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. This product is SO affordable and available at most pharmacies and supermarkets. I have used a lot of high end concealers and I must say that this one is on par with the best of them. It’s non-drying which is perfect for under the eyes and lasts ALL day. When it comes to bronzing my face in summer I love to use a liquid bronzer. This keeps the skin looking hydrated and natural. It also looks fabulous in photos and will last you from day into the night. For this look I blended Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer in shade 13 along the top of my forehead, cheek bones and along my jawline.

Let’s talk blush. Blush has recently come right back in fashion and I’m so happy about it! It truly brings your skin to life and can add a complete vibe to your makeup and outfit. I used a combination of MECCA MAX Chic Cheek Blush Powder “Pink Pop” & Off Duty Blush Stick “Tutu”. I also used these products with my eye look. These products are so versatile and should be staple in everyone’s makeup kit. Highlighting the face in summer is a must. When placed in the right areas it gives your skin a healthy summer glow. I used the Natasha Denona “I Need A Nude” powder highlighter for this look. It’s available online and in store at Sephora. The key areas that I focus on with my highlighter are my cheekbones, tip of the nose, inner corners of eyes and a touch on the upper forehead.

I gently filled my eye brows following the shape from the top of the brow with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in taupe. After I do that I use my Pears soap bar with a clean disposable mascara wand to push up my brows into place.

Whether you like a more laminated or natural brow, this soap will keep your eyebrows in place all day. Best of all it’s only a couple dollars from the supermarket!

I finished off this look with a nude lip. It can be so challenging to find a suitable lip colour to complement your face. It took me a long time to find my best shade and I actually use an eye liner from MECCA in “cinnamon brown” because it works well with my skin tone. My advice would to be to try samples in person before ordering online, because colours can look completely different on everyone’s lips.

After I finished my face base for this look I wanted to create an eye that would pop but harmonise with the rest of my face. It’s not always necessary to have high-end eye shadows, I believe great results come from the technique of application.

Here is a small tutorial of the summer day eye look I have created from Steps 1-6. To turn it up a notch and transition to a summer night follow on to steps 7-9. And remember there are no rules or wrong and right with makeup. If it makes you feel like your most confident self, then you are doing it right!

Step 1

Create a base for your eye shadow using a concealer close to your foundation colour or one shade lighter. Blend into the whole eye lid.

Step 2

Choose a medium to light shade of brown eye shadow and blend into the crease of your eyelid. Using your face bronzer powder works well also, as the colour of the contour will harmonise with the rest of your face. Start with minimal product and add more.

Step 3

Using a pink tones cream blush with a flat small brush or your finger place on top of the eye lid only.

Step 4

Set the lid with a powder blush in a similar tone on the area of the cream blush.

Step 5

Layer on top your highlighter powder to give it a shimmering effect. Add to the inner corners of the eye too. You can also use your finger for this.

Step 6

Add mascara


Step 7

Place tape on the corner of your eye starting at your lower lash line. Direct the tape in a upward motion towards your hairline.

Step 8

Blend a darker brown shadow creating a wing. This does not need to be perfect as the tape will be doing a lot of the work. Blend carefully with a small brush

Step 9

With the same small brush glide on your outer lower lash line. This will create a illusion of a larger eye putting the shadow on the outer waterline rather than the inner.

Thanks so much Elke for taking us through the perfect Summer Glow look to transition you from day to night in 7 simple steps! Keep an eye out for more make up lewks from Elke over Summer to keep us looking fresh faced and meetings fabulous!

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