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The Future Is Collective is a place for Women With Purpose to connect and be inspired. Hi, I’m Jules, and Future Collective (F.C.) is born from a space of wanting to know more about female driven businesses, to hear more about how to build a brand, and to learn more about what is going on around us right now.


When I went to Uni I didn’t know what I wanted to be. So I started with a bachelor of Arts. In Gender Studies. And Human Resources. And Journalism. And I worked in Sales. Then I worked at a Bank. And now I realise, this is just called small business baby! In today’s digital landscape there is so much more to this world than a one-track degree, and there is so much to explore, discover and embrace from those who are killing the game (or giving it a red hot go) around us.


F.C. brings Creative Women to the forefront, uniting us as a community so we can do what we do best, inspire, learn, educate and bring our best hustle and drive to the everyday.


Here you’ll hear from industry leaders across different fields and meet a community of like-minded creative founders and dreamers who know that running (or dreaming up) a business requires so many hats. So strap in and join us for the latest Feature Articles, Events and Supper Clubs as we embrace a destination for Founders, Dreamers, Creators and Cultivators.


The Collective will keep you informed on the Future so you can concentrate on your brand.


Julia has a background in Branding, including seven years as the Global Brand Manager at Running Bare, and her current position as Global Wholesale Manager for Spell. Julia is the Co-Founder of JL FINE, a conscious jewellery label available online and in select retail stores throughout Australia.





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